Customer Service Keynote Speaker’s Program

Customer Service Keynote Speaker

Overheard By A Great Customer Service Keynote Speaker: The Customer Rules!  

This all too familiar mantra we keep hearing warrants repeating, as ultimately, the customer has the power. They will decide to what extent you will succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Whether you sell to B2C or B2B, if you want to win customers over and keep them coming back to you, you need to excel in every aspect of the customer experience, or they will take their business elsewhere. It’s that simple.

How to Excel in Every Aspect of Customer Service and the Customer Experience – Book a Highly Experienced Customer Service Speaker Who Can Help You Obtain Answers to Some Hard Questions- 

  • How are you perceived in customers’ eyes?
  • What trends are occurring in your industry that demand a higher level of customer service?
  • What are today’s service-savvy customers saying to others about your company?
  • How do your people represent you? Do they think and act as your brand ambassadors?
  • What service flaws might exist in your organization that you don’t know about?
  • What is the best way to uncover them?
  • What practices do smart companies known for World Class Customer Service employ?
  • What traits do they look for when hiring customer service reps?
  • How do you make Proactive Complaint Prevention a part of your culture?
  • Why many customer satisfaction surveys don’t work? What is the best way to obtain the information you need?
  • What will tomorrow’s customers – the customer of the future demand?
  • How can you develop a universal reputation for customer service excellence?

Customer Service Training Program Format

Known for her highly interactive presentation style, Christine Corelli can present this program as a keynote, break-out session, or hands on workshop format customized for your company. She will deliver comprehensive customer service solutions you can implement immediately after the program.

Ensure your customer has a consistently outstanding customer experience, and keeps coming back to YOU, and not your competition.

Book Christine Corelli, a customer service keynote speaker or trainer.  She guarantees she will dramatically improve the level of service you now provide and help you enhance customers’ experience with your business.  Note:  If you are in need of a two day intensive training program, Christine can provide that and much more!